Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Collage Challenge Postponed and Other Info.

Hi Everyone!

This is to let you know that we are postponing the Collage block challenge until after the fabric arrives at HipStitch. In order to fill the fabric void, we are going to have a Strip Swap in November. Please keep your shirts on! Here are the rules: 1) strips are 2 1/2" x WOF.
                                               2) Color - Black and White Prints or Tone-on-tone. NO OTHER COLORS   IN THIS SWAP
                                               3) For each participant, bring one strip. EX: 20 participants = 20 strips. We will then divvy up the strips so that each person will take home the same number of strips.
                                               4) Your strips don't have to be all the same
                                               5) Quilt Shop quality fabric, please.
 I will have examples at the October meeting. As with all swaps and challenges, participation is voluntary. If you want to participate PLEASE sign up at the October meeting. If you aren't going to be at next Thursday's meeting, let one of the steering committee members know that you wish to participate. We'd like to know who is in by the end of next week. Contact: Lisa, Linda, Lois, Melissa, Suzanne, or Teresa.

An addition to October's agenda, we are going to have a fat quarter De-Stash Snatch and Grab! Do you have fabric that has you wondering: WHY?! Well, that may just be someone's WHY NOT?! Bring fat quarters you'd like to trade to the October meeting! Since I'm moving, you might be able to score big time! ;-)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 A stopgap solution to out (my) technical difficulties:
The Jacquie Gering weekend photos are available at the following address> Enjoy!
 This will at least let everyone view the photos.

Jacquie Gering!

Jacquie Gering
The Jacquie Gering Weekend was a fabulous success!!! Everyone had a great time and learned A LOT!!!! Creativity and ideas were in abundance. I especially like our new rotary cutter idea - The Chopper by Harley Davidson. Below are a few pictures from the fun. Check out the What We Do photo album for more.

I found the post! Apparently, it helps to press the publish button! I apologize for the delay, but since I fixed this little problem, there is hope that I'll fix the slide show!

Monday, September 2, 2013